A custom home build gives you an opportunity to create a house that has exactly what you need. But your needs may change over the years, and you may find that there are features that have the potential to make the home extremely comfortable, beyond what you thought possible. Meeting with the builders to come up with a design lets you all discuss what to add. Some features can be added later, but some need to be present from the start.

Awning Locations and Sizes

One of the best ways to keep your home cool during hot summers is to shade the sides of the house, such as with tree stands or with awnings and overhangs. Small awnings on windows are nice, but a wraparound overhang that blocks direct sunlight from hitting all windows and doors is even better. Those extensive, overhanging porch roofs protect the sides of the house from the sun for most of the day, and not just when the sun is at a particular angle. When you design your custom home, see about adding wraparound porches and more awnings to provide shaded space next to the house.

Going Above and Beyond Present Needs and Codes

It's almost a given that your need for electricity for gadgets will increase over the years and that your need for noise insulation will change as your family grows if you're part of a married couple who wants to have kids (or have more kids). Even if you don't think your needs will change, building codes likely will. And if you plan to eventually sell the home years down the road, you don't want the house to be seen as old and inadequate for people moving in later. It's a very good idea to go a little above and beyond code and personal requirements when you build the home; while you can't predict exact changes to building codes, for example, you can still look at how codes have changed and try to anticipate what you might face. For example, you may want to install more 20-amp circuits and cut back on the 15-amp circuits, or you may want to install triple-pane windows instead of dual-pane. Installing very good insulation and adding a long-lasting roof like one made of metal are also potential changes you can make.

Meet with a custom home builder to discuss all of the features on your home that could help you stay cool and keep the home in better shape for the future. This home is supposed to fulfill your needs, so start thinking about what you need and what could really make your life comfortable.

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