When people first start renting out properties, they often do all of the work themselves. But eventually, if you buy additional rental properties, you might reach the point at which managing them all becomes too much work for a single person. At this stage, you are often best off hiring a property manager to do a lot of the work for you. What are the signs that the time has come for you? Take a look.

You're not able to respond to tenant requests right away

When a tenant calls you because their plumbing is leaking, they are locked out of their unit, their roof has a leak, or anything like that, they usually expect and need a prompt response. Sometimes, though, as you add more properties to your roster, responding to tenants in a timely manner becomes tough. If your tenants are having to wait for more than an hour or two for a response, they may not feel comfortable and secure in their homes, and they may decide not to renew their leases. So, it is a good idea to hire a property manager as soon as responding to tenants becomes a struggle.

Units are sitting empty because you can't get around to filling them

A unit is only earning you money if it is full. If your units are sitting empty for a few months at a time between tenants, you might want to hire a property manager. Screening tenants and advertising empty units is a lot of work. A property manager can do this for you, and they can find people to fill those units faster so you go fewer months without rent payments. For this reason, you may actually save money, in the long run, by hiring a property manager to oversee your units.

You've had a string of bad tenants

Do you have tenants who are not paying their rent? Maybe you've had a few tenants who have caused damage to the space or have been challenging in other ways. This is a sign you may want to hire a property manager who can do your screening for you. They know how to find more reliable tenants, and they can also collect rent for you, taking this task off your plate.

Managing properties is a lot of work, and there are good reasons why people often hire professionals to do a lot of this work for them. If any of the above situations ring true for you, it may be time to hire a pro.

Reach out to a property management company to learn more.