When it comes to luxury, sure, the appearance of the apartment community is important. However, aesthetics is not the only thing that makes a community deserving of the luxury title. What the community offers its residents is also important. For this reason, if you are in the market for a luxury rental, learn more about some of the additional features you should look for when you are searching for luxury.

After-Hours Accessibility

It does not matter how beautiful or even well-built an apartment is, the reality is that now and then, you will have a maintenance issue. A luxury property should have a system in place to handle these events that involve access to the office or maintenance staff whenever you have an important concern, even if it is late at night. Ask a rental agent about their after-hours contact options to ensure this area is covered.

Security Features

Safety is very important, so the community should ideally have built-in security measures. These measures can include everything from a gate that requires an access key to an on-site security team that patrols the community. You should also look for features like well-lit parking lots and bushes and shrubs that are nicely trimmed, to minimize security hazards. Whatever the arrangement, you should get a feeling that the community is safe as you tour. 

Extra Amenities

A workout facility and a pool are largely the norms when it comes to apartment complex amenities. However, when you think of luxury — you want more. Look for properties that offer unique options like an on-site theater, conference room, and clubhouse that residents can rent for special events. Luxury communities might also have massage suites, on-site salons, and a concierge that can help you arrange everything from dry cleaning to grocery delivery. In short, a luxury community should have amenities that will make your life easier.

In-Unit Technology Features

You should also look for luxury units that have updated technology inside their units. For example, a kitchen with a Wi-Fi-accessible oven is a great option, as it allows you to control the oven from your smartphone. Communities that have access gates that you can control from your smartphone are another luxury to look for. Again, luxury is all about convenience, so make sure the unit is equipped with technology that makes your life easier. 

Keep in mind that the above list is just the beginning. Be sure to compile your own list of luxury must-haves so that you can find an apartment you truly love. 

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