While many people believe that new homes must be built on-site, manufactured homes are proving to be a popular alternative. Manufactured homes are defined as those built entirely in factories and then transported to a parcel of land designated by the homeowner. While this may seem like a foreign concept to some, manufactured homes have numerous advantages that other kinds of houses simply cannot boast. Take a look below to discover just a few of the biggest benefits of purchasing a manufactured home. 

Custom Options

One of the main draws of a manufactured home is the fact that there are virtually limitless options when it comes to modular customization. When purchasing a home built on-site, you often have little control over the general layout or other important features. Even when designing a so-called "custom" home, you may also be limited by the contractor's ability to obtain supplies and their adherence to a budget and timeline. In contrast, manufactured homes are reliably produced to your exact specifications, so you can be confident that what you want is exactly what you'll get. 


Manufactured homes are almost always a tremendous bargain compared to homes built on-site. This is primarily due to the fact that manufactured homes are produced in a factory, and more specifically, in an assembly-line fashion. This simple yet consistent method of production keeps costs down, and these savings are then passed on to the consumer. If you are currently seeking to become a first-time homebuyer but are overwhelmed with the sale prices you are encountering, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised by just how affordable manufactured homes can be. Best of all, this affordability does not reflect any compromises made during the home's construction; manufactured homes are just as durable and dependable as their more expensive on-site cousins.

Moving Made Easy

Many people choose to live in a single community for decades, but one of the biggest advantages of a manufactured home is that moving—should you need or choose to—is a much more pleasant experience than it usually is with non-manufactured homes. Instead of shopping for an entirely new home, you only need to contact a licensed manufactured home mover who can transport your home to a new neighborhood or parcel of land. This degree of flexibility is essential for people who love their home but may still plan to move to a different location in the future.