Those looking into senior living communities may think they know about these living situations, but you may be surprised by some of the facts below. Read and find out more.

They Offer One-stop Solutions for Seniors

Many larger communities are set up to accommodate almost every senior need regardless of life stage. For instance, within a single community, you might find independent living arrangements, assisted living solutions, memory care wings, and intensive nursing care buildings. Being able to remain in one place when things change means there is no need to move to another facility. The community, the staff, and the amenities remain the same to accommodate every need a senior might have when it comes to various levels of care.

The Amenities are Amazing

As the population ages, more and more thought goes into the planning for these communities. Many can easily be compared to an upscale resort experience. What might have been a beauty shop and transportation to the mall in the past is now a host of amenities like:

  • Pools
  • Tennis Courts
  • Gyms along with yoga classes and walking trails
  • Social activities like workshops, entertainment, game night, cookouts, and more
  • Off-site tours to nearby attractions, theaters, beaches, casinos, and more
  • Markets, coffee shops, and day-spas on the premises

Bring a Friend

Many senior communities welcome couples and they can usually remain together in the same apartment. If one of you should need more care than usual, say after a stroke, that care is available without having to be separated from each other. Skilled nursing care is ready to assist in feeding, bathing, medication needs, visits to the doctor, and more.

Also, many communities are welcoming to your furry family members too. Just because you are moving to a community doesn't mean you must leave your pet behind.  Everyone knows about the benefits pets can have on both mental and physical health. Some facilities even offer help with pets when it comes to vet visits, walking, bathing, and more. Be sure to ask your potential community about breed restrictions, though.

They Don't Need to be Expensive

What you pay depends on the location, amenities, and the level of care you need. Independent apartment living, for example, will be less expensive than full nursing care solutions. When comparing communities, be sure to consider how much you are currently paying for your mortgage, homeowners' insurance, property taxes, utilities, gym fees, home maintenance costs, repairs of major systems and structures, transportation costs, and in-home nursing costs, you might find a community solution is perfect for you.

Many senior living communities welcome questions and tours so get started on the next exciting and carefree stage of your life today.

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