When sourcing leads for home sellers, investors must consider a wide-ranging set of factors that motivate home sales. Potential sellers who are happy with their homes and neighborhoods are less likely to be highly motivated. This means investors won't get such a good deal and will wait longer to acquire inventory, reducing sales opportunities. In order to know where to look for motivated seller leads, start by considering the factors that make homeowners interested in finding a quick sale.

Loss of Job Opportunities

If a major employer moves out of an area or an entire industry relocates, many homeowners will want to relocate as well. Motivated sellers are often found in areas where industries have shut down or changed rapidly, leaving some former employees eager to find a new career elsewhere. Distressed and older properties are particularly good investments in these areas since they are often priced very low due to the sudden change in demand for fixer-upper homes. Young families and individuals are less likely to move and take on these projects themselves without a steady supply of jobs in the area, but older retirees may still want to move in after you've made your investments in improvements.

Landlords Located Out of State

When someone retires or buys a second home in a more favorable climate, they may try renting out their previous home rather than selling it. If you connect with these long-distance landlords, you may find them ready to make a quick sale at a price favorable to you. Managing rental properties from a long distance is very difficult. It either requires hiring a local property manager and losing most of the rental income or foregoing important work a landlord should do in person. Taking these properties off the hands of the beleaguered landlord can give you access to a whole new range of investment opportunities.

Storm Damage

While making offers in the aftermath of a natural disaster may sound like it's in bad taste, you may be offering homeowners a lifeline to rebuild elsewhere if you're making offers that equal the majority of the property's value. It can be hard to sell a property quickly after a severe storm or flood damage. Yet these properties are easily flipped by investors who can wait a few months and afford the upfront costs of renovating them. For the homeowner who doesn't feel like facing the rebuilding process, an offer from an investor can actually provide help and alternative options.

Think outside of the box when you are collecting leads on home sellers who are motivated to accept an investment offer. With a little searching, you can uncover many potential sources of new sellers. Contact a company like Bring Me The Leads to learn more.