If you're looking for a new living situation for yourself and your family, you may be attracted to the relative convenience and lower prices you can find in a condo or a townhouse. But a single-family home has a lot to offer for family living. Here are some of the benefits you can reap if you choose to buy a single-family home.

1. No Shared Walls

Unlike a condo or duplex, a single-family home doesn't have any shared walls with neighbors living directly on the other side. You don't have to worry about your noise bothering the neighbors as much as you would in a condo.

Having all four walls your own also cuts down on sound traveling into your home. You won't have to put up with someone else's baby screaming on the other side of your wall, and your kids won't have their sleep disturbed by the sound of your upstairs neighbors partying above them.

2. Convenient Parking

A single-family home often comes with a convenient driveway or parking spot right next to the house. This means that unlike with an apartment building, you won't have a long staircase or elevator ride between your vehicle and your living quarters.

3. Yard for Kids and Pets

Many single-family homes are on small lots, but usually, even small lots have a few square yards of front or back yard for the kids to play in or to create a dog run for your furry friends. And of course, if your home comes with a larger lot, you may have enough space to install swingsets and similar features for your kids.

4. Gardening Potential

If you live in an apartment building, you may be able to grow a small balcony garden, but the convenience and ease of gardening in your very own yard is a completely different story. If you're a serious hobby gardener, or if growing a large portion of your family's food is important to you, then a single-family home with a yard is paramount.

5. Artistic Freedom

With a single-family home, unless you sign a very restrictive Homeowners' Association agreement, you'll have almost unlimited potential to transform the outside of your home and the lot it sits on. This is a big change from a condo or apartment living experience, and it can be very fun and even fulfilling to express yourself this way.

You can choose to add a wrought iron fence for a Victorian feel or deck your house out with a metal roof and tin yard art for a more farmhouse feel. 

As you can see, choosing to shop single-family homes for sale rather than condos or apartments will put you in a position to gain a lot of benefits, conveniences, and features. Contact your real estate agent to learn more about shopping for single-family homes in your area.