When you are interested in finding an apartment to live in, you may decide that you want more than a basic unit that provides you with the essentials. While some apartments only have a building in which the units are located, you can also find communities with lots of amenities. Determining what amenities you want the most and understanding how to find are two things that will help you throughout the entire apartment hunting process. Here are four amenities to consider. 

1. Dog Park

If you own a dog or you would like to become a dog owner while living in the apartment that you choose, you will want to limit your search to dog-friendly apartment communities. While this means that you can live in an apartment comfortably with a dog, you may want to take it a step further by demanding a dog park within the apartment community that you choose.

Being able to step out of your apartment and take your dog somewhere they can exercise and socialize with other dogs in a just a minute or two of walking is ideal. It will help you take care of your dog's needs even when you are not feeling well or the weather is not preferable.

2. Pool

Renting an apartment with a pool is worth prioritizing because it will provide you with so many activities and options. For instance, you may find that you want to regularly use the pool for exercise. You can also use a pool to socialize with family, friends, and neighbors.

3. Gym

Whether you are a current member of a gym or you would like to start working out regularly, you will benefit from moving into an apartment with a community gym. Instead of having to maintain a membership at a gym further away, you can look forward to using a gym that is just a short walk away. 

4. Sports

Playing sports is something that you may have done a lot of while in school, but it is easy to get out of habit depending on where you live. Finding an apartment with amenities such as a basketball court and tennis court will make it easy to get started playing a game.

When you are determined to get more than just an apartment to live in, you should look for all sorts of amenities and prioritize some or all of them depending on what you want and need. Contact real estate agents to learn more about finding real estate for lease.