When you are a big fan of Disney, you can invest in a Disney timeshare to make it easy to travel to your favorite destination every year. Disney timeshares are a different kind of timeshare, where you purchase a membership into the Disney Vacation Club to make planning your vacations easier. You get access to special deals throughout the year, and your accommodations are high-end Disney properties. The program works on a point system, and you are able to save up a certain percentage of points from year to year, or even borrow a set amount from a future year if you are trying to book a special week.

Your Vacation Points System

You aren't stuck going to the same resort every year when you invest in a Disney timeshare. You can transfer, bank, and borrow your points in order to secure the booking you want for the year. The program is flexible, and it is designed to give Disney travelers what they want in a great Disney experience. With a wide range of destinations to choose from, you don't get trapped in a vacation timeshare where you go to the same place all the time.

Financing Your Disney Timeshares

You can finance your Disney timeshares, making it possible to purchase the yearly points you want for a reasonable monthly payment. Once you are done paying off the timeshare, you get to keep it forever and only need to pay the monthly service fee to keep your home resort running. You can leave your Disney timeshare to your heirs, or you can sell your timeshare on the secondary market when you no longer need it. Disney offers financing for those with a down payment and a good credit score. You pay closing costs and purchase the timeshare for life.

If You Want to Sell Your Timeshare

Disney timeshares are one of the easiest to sell when you no longer want to own it. Disney has the right of first refusal, and there are many times where Disney will buy back the timeshare for you. Any deal you make with a potential buyer is reviewed by Disney, and they can accept the deal on their own behalf instead.

Disney timeshares are one of the most flexible vacation deals available today. You get to choose from a wide range of properties, and you don't have to worry about staying in the same place each year.