If you have been glancing at the local real estate listings to get into your own medical office building, or to expand from the one that you are in, you want to talk with a real estate professional in the area. The commercial real estate agent can:

  • Find listings not advertised
  • Manage the paperwork and contracts
  • Negotiate a better price with comparable listings
  • Get you into the right area

You don't have time to go into every building or drive around or spend hours online looking at the listings. Meet with a commercial real estate agent and ask about these things.


You don't have to be in the middle of a metropolis area but you want to be somewhere that has the following characteristics:

  • Within residential or popular commercial areas for potential patients
  • Easy access from highways or main roads
  • Safe area to avoid stress about theft and vandalism

Talk with the commercial real estate agent about getting an office in an area that is well established or still growing, and that people will be able to get to easily. It's worth paying more for a building location people will want to go to.

Ample Parking

You want to have a building that parking is easy, so the people that you're treating don't have to worry about how far away they will have to park from the building, or what it will cost them. The number of spaces you'll need for both your staff and your patients should be your top concern.

Offices and Evaluation Rooms

You don't want staff or patients to be crammed, and you want to be comfortable while getting their medical examinations or consultations. Ask that the building have, or have the potential for:

  • Waiting area
  • Office space for receptionists and staff
  • Enough examination rooms
  • Break room

You want the staff to feel comfortable, and you want enough space that your patients don't feel like they are waiting on top of each other to be seen.

Be sure to give the agent all the must-have requirements for the building you need, and then the wants, so they can try to find the perfect match for your business needs. There are a lot of different problems that can arise when you are trying to find the right commercial property, and trying to move your business. Make it easier with the help of a real estate professional.

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