You are fully prepared to buy your first home. You have been pre-approved by the mortgage company, know what you want in a new home and where you want it to be located, and you have even enlisted the help of a real estate agent to guide you along. There is only one little quandary that's holding you back: you're worried about buying a home that is haunted.

Spooks and spirits may not be at the top of the list of consumer concerns during the homebuying process, but it is a concern for many who completely believe in the supernatural. Your greatest fear may be getting caught up in long-term commitment to a home that has spectral inhabitants you didn't want to share your space with. Does a seller have to tell you if a house is haunted? Here's what you need to know. 

Details do not always have to be disclosed. 

Yes, there are certain things a seller has to disclose about a home before they sell it, but paranormal activity may not always be one of those things. Depending on where you live and the circumstances, a seller could potentially be living with a legion of poltergeists and never have to mumble a word. For example, in the state of Massachusetts, sellers are not required to disclose anything about a haunting or even a suicide or death in the home. 

Sellers may have to tell you if you ask if a house is haunted. 

Even in states where sellers don't have to proclaim a home is haunted, they may still be required to offer an honest answer when they are asked about paranormal happenings in the home, so asking is a good plan of action. You may feel a little awkward about asking sellers if a house is haunted, but this is one good reason a real estate agent is a good thing; they can ask on your behalf if the idea of looking like a scared buyer with a preoccupation with avoiding ghastly things. 

Real estate agents can help you avoid haunted houses very well. 

Yes, realtors have a job to do; they are in the business of selling properties. However, they are also keen on customer service. If you have worries about buying a home that comes with a free ghost or two, do not be afraid to bring the concern up to your chosen agent. They will work hard to help you find what you want (a ghostless home) by digging through home histories, talking to sellers, and more. 

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