If you are the parent of young children, then you need a home that is right for a young family. This means you are going to look at homes through different eyes than someone who is purchasing a home for themselves and who doesn't have to worry about the home's suitability for children. Here is what it will take for a home to meet the current and growing needs of your family.

Reliable access to schools

When you have school-aged children, you need to factor this into your home buying needs. You don't necessarily need to have a school down the street, but you do want to verify that there is a bus in the area that will pick them up and drop them off very close to the house. Don't count on the fact that you know a neighbor or have someone close by that can take them to and from school because people can move, and you won't have this anymore. So, if you can't guarantee you can drive them every day, a school that is within walking distance or that nearby bus stop will prove to be important.

A kid-friendly location

If the street doesn't have sidewalks and isn't designed so the kids can run around and ride their bikes, then you want there to be a park close by, or it can be in a community that has a pool and/or playground for the kids to meet up and socialize with other kids. Condos, townhomes, homes in gated communities, and homes on cul-de-sacs can be great choices where kids can socialize with others their age.

Room for the family to grow

While your kids may only need small rooms now or they can share a room now, this may not be work for much longer. When looking at homes, look at things as if your children are already older. Ask yourself if there are enough rooms for each child to have their own. Also, ask yourself if the rooms are going to accommodate older children, as your kids are only going to get older and will want more things in their rooms as they become teenagers.


Now that you have some ideas on things a home should have when raising a young family, you want to take your time and look around until you find the home that accommodates a growing family. Reach out to a residential real estate professional to get started.