You've heard about bed bugs in hotels, and you may even do everything you can to prevent bringing them home after vacation. However, you might not have thought about them living in your child's college dorm room. Sadly, college dorms are just as likely to have bed bugs as any other type of temporary lodging simply because of the high volume of people who all live within close proximity of one another. College students also tend to do things such as share clothes, which can compound the problem. Now that your child has brought bed bugs home, it is important to remain calm. Make sure to avoid doing these things that make the problem worse while you wait for the bed bug extermination service to take place.

Skip Throwing Everything Away

There are a lot of myths circulating about bed bugs. In fact, one of the biggest ones is that everything in the infested area must be thrown out. The truth is that tossing your child's mattress by the curb means having to drag it through your house and leave it sitting in the yard where the bugs can then spread. Professional bed bug extermination uses methods that can eliminate both the bugs and their eggs on the mattress so that it is just like new.

Don't Head for the Hotel

Whether you've spotted a few bites on your child's skin or discovered a whole bunch of bugs, you may also want to pack up and head for the hills. Unfortunately, this is a common way for bed bugs to spread, and you could still transport them out of your home after taking a shower and changing clothes. Try to avoid going to a hotel or sleeping over at a family member's house. In most cases, you can feel comfortable sleeping in your home shortly after the bed bug extermination service takes place.

Avoid Using Bug Bombs

There's something about discovering a pest infestation that makes people feel like going into attack mode. Although foggers and sprays may advertise that they kill bed bugs on contact, most are ineffective. Professional bed bug control services use methods such as heat applications and residual sprays that can reach areas where foggers cannot. You can also trust that a professional will use methods that don't send the bugs scattering. Instead, infested areas are often sealed off from other parts of the house so that bed bugs have nowhere to run.

Call bed bug extermination services near you if you have an infestation.