If you're in the market for a home, you have likely made a wish list of features, locations and home styles that you love. Once you've narrowed down the field, however, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with your choices. Read on for the signs that tell you "this is the one".

1. You can't wait to go inside: If just the appearance of the home makes your heart swell, it could be a sign that you've just pulled up to the right house. There may be something about that home that has absolutely nothing to do with curb appeal.

2. You begin to feel at home right away: Often, a first step into the entryway will tell you everything you need to know about this home. Does it feel right? Do you feel warm and welcomed? If so, then you are home.

3. It checks most of your boxes: No home will fit every single criteria, but if the home manages to fulfill the main requirements you've set out, it could be the one for you. Perhaps it has the right number of bedrooms and is in the right school zone. Be sure to know ahead of time what your drop-dead deal-killers are and what you are willing to be flexible about. For example, you may be able to add on that garage later, if most of the other boxes are checked off.

4. You already feel like the owner: It is not so much that you are ignoring the flaws (and there are flaws), it is more like you see the flaws, but you don't allow them to interfere with your positive feelings about the home. You may even feel compelled to defend it your real estate agent, who is just doing their job by pointing out potential problem areas. Pay attention to those feelings.

5. You begin redecorating immediately: If it's the right home, an unpleasant paint color is far from a deterrent. In fact, you may see the room and immediately visualize exactly what shade of soft green the walls should be, instead of that awful puce.

6. You aren't afraid of the bathroom: You may have noticed a funny feeling about entering the bathrooms of homes you've viewed. It's only natural to be uncomfortable looking at spaces that are known to be private in a stranger's home, but if you love the home you may find yourself more comfortable checking out that tub and vanity area.

7. You have your furniture all arranged: If you already know where your couch will go and can envision your dining room table and buffet arrangement, you may be hooked on the home already. Isn't that front window just perfect for your Christmas tree?

Speak to your real estate agent and get that "just right" feeling about your new home.