As a parent, you need to put time and effort into the decisions that you make regarding your children because you want to make sure they are always safe and happy. The neighborhood that you live in should play an important role in what you allow them to do on their own.

If you want to feel confident about letting them go outside after school or on weekends, you should look around until you find homes for sale that meet your strict standards.

Community Center

Parks can encourage people to spend time in the area, especially if there are tables, grills, basketball courts, and tennis courts to enjoy. But, a park may not be monitored by adults that are interested in keeping the peace and preventing general problems from occurring. An ideal feature to look for is a house with a nearby community center where people work at daily.

If you know that your kids are heading to the community center to play a sport or hang out with friends, you will feel more comfortable knowing they can get help such a short distance away.

Police Station

Another place that you may want to live next to is a police station. When you have police entering and leaving the area on a constant basis, the crime in the surrounding area will be lower. Also, you may like knowing that if one of your kids were to call 911 in an emergency, they would get help in a matter of minutes because a police officer could drive there in no time at all.


Finding homes that are next to schools is another way to feel that your kids are safe. In these neighborhoods, it is likely for other children to walk to school and back home in the afternoon. Also, parents will be driving around the area when they drop their kids off or pick them up. This will all contribute to a safer neighborhood that you can get by buying a home nearby.


Buying a home close to a library is something else that you should prioritize. Libraries often host local events within the neighborhood and are great for studying or providing reading material. It is also another safe place that your children can go if they feel uncomfortable at any time.

Taking these details into consideration when you start house hunting will help you find and buy a property in a neighborhood that you know your kids can walk around in safely.