When you are first out on your own and you need an apartment, it is tricky to find something that works, especially if you do not have a car. What can you do so that you can get to where you need to go, but still have an apartment you can afford? The following options make the most sense.

Get an Apartment on a Bus Route That Gets You Everywhere

Whether you are going to college or taking a year off after high school to work, get an apartment on a bus route. Better yet, get an apartment on a bus route that travels right by work so that you do not have to transfer bus routes. Make sure that same bus route takes you past a grocery store or a mall, too, so that you have access to groceries and apartment necessities.

Get an Apartment within Walking Distance 

If the bus sounds unappealing, get an apartment that is within a mile of both work and a grocery store. You can walk the distance without difficulty, and get decent exercise at the same time. If you do not like walking, get a bike and bike the distance; you will get to work and the store in half the time.

Share an Apartment with Roommates or Friends

Sharing an apartment with friends does not always work out as you may not be friends when the lease is up. However, you never know quite what you are getting when you room with strangers either. Either way, if you room with someone who has a car, you can get rides to get groceries and get to work. If your friend/roommate also works at the same place you do, that is even more convenient.

Rent a Loft over a Bodega

If you opt to live in city limits, rent a loft over a bodega. Not only do you get a reasonably quiet space that is all yours, but you can just go downstairs to buy food, snacks and drinks. Then the only thing you have to worry about is getting to and from work or school. If you actually work part-time on campus and part-time at the bodega downstairs, you have got things all sewn up!

Be a House Sitter

There are professional house sitters. If you play it right, you can sit in several different houses, back to back engagements, and actually get paid to do it. You have to be super-motivated and self-disciplined, but many young adults have made this work. You may even find an apartment for rent that you really like while you house-sit.