If you have to leave town in a hurry and you do not have time to wait for your property to sell, you will probably leave it in the hands of a real estate agency. Yet, this begs the question, "Who is responsible for keeping the property tidy until it is sold?" The following answers are the solutions to your quandary.

City Regulations

Most cities require that ALL properties, regardless of whether or not they are occupied, be kept clean and tidy. If a property goes too long without the lawn being cut and the weeds pulled, the city could send a crew out to do the job for you. The downside to this situation is that you would be stuck with whatever charge the city tacks on to the property taxes until you either sell the house or pay the fines. Since you are still listed as the property owner until the house is sold, you cannot leave these charges unpaid if you want to sell the property.

Pay a Neighbor

You could hire a neighbor to look after the property for you. Agree to send him/her money at the end of every month if he/she agrees to mow the lawn and keep the landscape tidy. Make sure the person you choose is an older, more responsible, and trustworthy person. Otherwise ask for a video via smartphone that shows the property was taken care of.

Pay Family

Family may be more trustworthy than a neighbor. If you are leaving family behind, ask if they can look after the property for you. Sweeten the deal with pocket cash, if you think it will help.

Property Management Services

Property management services are often offered to homeowners looking to sell their homes but who, for whatever reason, have to leave town immediately. If you agree to these services, the real estate agency sends a landscaping crew to your property once a week. You are billed for the services until the home sells. Some agencies may allow you to accumulate these charges and then deduct them from any profit you garner from the sale of your home.

If you choose the latter option, you should know that you will not receive your check for your portion of the profits until all property management and real estate agent charges are paid. However, it is very convenient to do things this way. It is also much more reliable than hiring a neighbor and cheaper than the fines from the city.

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