Have you decided that you want to buy a condo instead of a single family home? If so, there are more criteria you'll need to start narrowing down your search. One aspect of condo living is what floor you want a unit on. Here are some reasons to consider those units that are near the top of the building.

The View

Part of the appeal of condo living will be the views. A low floor will have a view of the street, which is not very special. Higher floors can provide a great view of the city or nearby water.

You should also consider the buildings that surround the condo when thinking about the view. Are there existing buildings lower than the unit you want, or are there empty lots? Be aware that it is possible for another condo building to be constructed next to yours,which can ruin your view. A unit near the top of the building has less of a chance of the view being blocked in the future.

The Security

You may want to avoid a unit close to the ground floor due to security risks. Floors near the bottom are more at risk of being burglarized since it is so easy to get in and out through the stairs. If your unit is so high up that you need to take an elevator to get to it, chances are that thieves may not bother to go exploring so high up.

The Noise

Condos close to the ground level will also be exposed to more noise from the streets. This can include local traffic, people coming in and out of the building, or activity on the nearby sidewalk. You won't hear these things the higher up you go.

In addition, a top floor has the benefit of no upstairs neighbors. While upstairs noise is not typically a problem with new construction, old timber construction will cause you to hear everywhere an upstairs neighbor is walking.

The Light

Low units are not going to get as much natural sunlight. This is mainly due to tall buildings nearby that block the light from getting to your unit. If natural light is a big concern to you then you'll need to find a unit that is high up enough to get the natural light you need.

Need help deciding which floor to buy on? Work with a local real estate agent for assistance.