If you have fallen in love with a house that doesn't have a garage, then this can be a big problem if a garage is something that's very important to you. However, if you really adore everything else about the home then there may be ways you can work around the lack of a garage if you are willing to do so. Here are some of the ways you can have that home you love and deal with the fact that it has no garage.

Have a covered carport put up to park your car under

If your reason for wanting a garage is so you don't have to worry about the elements getting to your car, then you can have a covered carport put up right where you would like to park the car.

You can have a covered carport built so it is attached to the side of your house, or you can have one put up that is a stand-alone unit. If you would like more protection for your car than what an overhead carport offers then you can have one made with three walls, so you just pull right in.

Or, you can even tie tarps along the sides before a storm comes in, if you are on a budget and looking for the easiest answer. However, know that in high winds the tarps will have their limitations.

Park your car on a more protected side of the house

Another way you can go about protecting your car without even needing to worry about having a carport put up is to simply park it on the most protected side of your house, making sure that you try your best to tuck it in closely to the side of the house.

You want it on the side of the house where it will be provided with shade and where it will be the most blocked from the wind.

Put up a shed in your back yard

If you need a place to store the things that you would normally keep in a garage, or you need a place to do certain hobbies, you will be glad to learn that you can get very large sheds. They aren't as expensive as many people think.

You can use them for storage, or to do things like paint. You can get ones with windows, ones with extra wide doors and ones with other features that you need.