Shopping for real estate is bound to bring out some differences among partners' preferences. But what happens when one person is absolutely sold on a piece of property and the other person definitely isn't?

Take a Step Back

Buying a property that one person doesn't feel comfortable with would be a bad choice. So, unless there's something that can be done to bring this partner on board, it's time to keep looking.

Aesthetic Differences

Could you spend money to bring the house closer to that person's personal aesthetic or add a special feature they would love? With problems that relate to the home's design, it might be pretty possible to come to some middle ground. One person might control the look of the exterior, while the other has a big say in remodeling key interior areas.

Maintenance Concerns

It's definitely important to cover your bases with maintenance. General maintenance issues could hide some bigger problems. Have you had the house inspected? A visit from an electrician or plumber might uncover some big expenses that make the property unappealing to both partners.

Pinpointing the Issues

No matter what the point of contention is, taking more time to discuss what you both want and don't want in a property will help clear up the issue. Coming up with a list of non-negotiables that cover both people's needs will help you figure out if this property can be reconciled, and it will help you understand what key features must be present in the next homes for sale that you look at.

Getting a Real Estate Agent Involved

If there isn't a real estate company involved at this stage, now's the time to find a good one. The real estate agent can help you scour the market to find properties that are similar to the one you're debating, but with features that speak to both partners. They may also be able to lend some objectivity as to whether the current property in question is a good buy or not. It might be that one partner has expectations that are too high or low regarding what your budget will buy.

While there is no easy answer to a situation like this, it's important to note that there are many homes for sale. While you may have fallen in love with this property, there are other great ones out there, should you choose to keep looking. For more information, contact a business such as Homestead Land Co.