When you're working with a custom home builder to design your dream home, part of the fun of the experience is thinking about all of the swanky elements you've seen in homes on TV and online and deciding if you want to include them. While it's fun to include a variety of elements that will clearly make your home stand out as a custom product, you should be wary of including additions that might initially seem appealing, but that can also be not worth their hassle. If you have any doubts about certain elements, don't hesitate to ask your builder about what past clients have said about these things. In general, there are some additions that you might wish to avoid.

Spiral Staircase

When people think about fancy staircase upgrades, they often gravitate toward a spiral staircase. And, while it's true that a spiral staircase can be visually appealing and also space efficient in a confined area, this is a feature that you may not appreciate over time. The big detriment to a spiral staircase is that it's very difficult to take large items up and down. For example, if you like the idea of a spiral staircase ascending into a loft, it may be virtually impossible to take pieces of furniture into the loft. In most cases, you're better off with a traditional staircase.

Sunken Living Room

Although some people might view a sunken living room as a bit dated, others may be enticed by this posh-looking living room design. While it can seem fun to step down into a living room, and this design may feel cozy, it can also be inconvenient. When you're vacuuming your home, the extra stairs around the perimeter of the sunken living room can make the cleaning process more challenging. Additionally, if you frequently eat in the living room, carrying food up and down the stairs may increase the risk of dropping something and making a mess.

White Tiles

Decorating a new home in white is often popular. White flooring tiles can certainly look sharp, but you may soon be regretting them. Unless each of your family members has impeccably clean feet, white tiles (and the light-colored grout between them) can darken over time. Eventually, you may have a dark area in the part of the floor that is commonly used, which won't look good. You may prefer to think about darker-colored tiles instead.

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