It is easy to get caught up in the essentials when it comes to buying a home. You do not want to purchase a home that is not able to accommodate the basic needs of your family. But, this does not mean you should only focus on the necessities when you have a budget that allows you to be a bit flexible. If your family does not enjoy the idea of having to work hard to keep your house clean always, you should look for features that either do not require a lot of cleaning or provide you with easy cleaning responsibilities.

Get Motorized Roller Shades

A perfect example of a low-maintenance feature is motorized roller shades. It is far different than custom wood blinds that you might also find because every wooden slat needs to be cleaned individually. You cannot rush through the process of cleaning blinds without missing some of the dirt and dust. While you could just avoid houses that have built-in window treatments, you would still end up getting your own. Roller shades are highly advantageous because you can clean the entire surface in one stroke.

Avoid Central Air

Looking for homes with central air systems might feel like a necessity in certain places. But you may be fortunate in that you are looking to buy a home in an area with a mild climate. This means you can afford to not get a central air system in your house without having heating or cooling issues down the line. This is advantageous because having central air can actually lead to dusty homes because dust gets blown throughout the ducts. It is also possible for ductwork to get damaged, and then you may have dust getting into the home through cracks and holes. Not having this feature will minimize how much dusting you must do on a regular basis.

Pick Hard Floors

Although carpet may seem like an attractive option because it hides the dust and grime, this does not mean that it will be easier to clean your home. It is better to prioritize hard flooring in tile, hardwood, or concrete because these options will keep the dirt on the surface where it is simple to clean. A great solution is to set up a robot vacuum as soon as you move in and let it work daily to pick up dirt on the floor. This will be more effective than having it work on carpet, as there will not be fibers hiding the filth.

Being a little picky about property features will help you buy a home that is easy to keep clean. For more information, talk with a real estate agent about looking for residential property for sale with maintenance in mind.