When you are looking to sell your home fast, you may want to take small actions so that you put the odds in your favor. However, after you place your home on the market, you may get more sentimental than you imagined you would. After all, you are preparing to let go of your home, and a house represents so much of how you live your life. It's where you likely spent many delighted moments, and you are probably an expert in the ins and outs of the house. That's where you can offer something special to your future home buyer.

Make something special for the person who will buy your home by creating a personalized box of notecards that provide the special details of your home. This box of cards can include a wide variety of helpful facts that your home buyer may want to know about the house.

Step 1: Choose the Box

You may opt to buy a vintage recipe box or other storage box for your notecards. You could leave it as is or decoupage the box to have an entirely different look. If you decide to decoupage the box, you may choose photos of the interior and exterior of your home for the decoupage print. That just makes the box more fascinating for new home owners as it gives them a glimpse into how the home was at a different time in its history.

Step 2: Choose Your Cards and Organizational Method

You can get an inexpensive pack of plain notecards from any drugstore or big box store. If you'd prefer to get a little fancier, you may go to an office supply shop to look for colored notecards. You may opt to choose a different colored card for each category you're going to include in the box of cards. For example, you may choose a category for the repair and improvement stats on your house, so you could choose blue cards for writing all that information.

Next, decide how you want to organize the cards. The easiest thing to do will be to alphabetize your cards, and you can easily get index card guides to put in the box. That will help future home buyers find the information they need quickly and easily. 

Step 3: Decide Which Information to Include

When deciding what information you should include on the notecards, think about the things that you would like to have known when you bought your house. The following information would be helpful for most home buyers.

  • Codes to any garage doors or shed locks
  • Contact information for good contractors who worked on your home before
  • Information on any warranties on current appliances
  • Date when the roof was put on your home
  • Details of any home repairs or renovations done since you've been there
  • Contact information for nearby shops and restaurants

While you cannot give the future home buyers all the information they may need, this box of notecards can be a big help to them.

Finally, keep in mind that a personalized box of note cards is sure to delight your future home buyer. In fact, you may even choose to mention it to house hunters who come to open houses or showings of your home. It may pique their interest and impress them. It can even help you sell your home fast. One thing's for sure: the person who ultimately buys your home will be delighted with the thoughtful present you give them that will make their adjustment to your house much easier.

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