If you are an avid golfer and you are looking to buy a vacation home, then it makes sense to choose a destination where there are lots of golf courses and good weather. So, with that in mind, this article will help you out by listing 3 of the most popular golfing spots in the country. They all have a few things in common. First, the climate is perfect for golfing almost year round. Second, you will be near great golf courses, so you can enjoy golfing during the day and head back to your vacation spot at night.

Grand Stand, South Carolina

If you live on the East coast and want a vacation home that is not too far from New York, Philly, Boston, or some other big city, then you should check out the area of South Carolina called Grand Stand. It's a huge stretch of land that runs along the coast, so you will be able to find nice ocean front real estate (mostly condos). The most recognizable place in the area is Myrtle Beach, which has more than 120 golf courses.

If you like the idea of also being able to hit the beach while on vacation, then Myrtle Beach is the perfect spot on the Grand Stand to look for a vacation home. You will be steps from South Carolina's most famous beach, close to restaurants and nightlife, and of course be able to enjoy tons of golfing.

San Jose, California

If you really love golfing at super luxurious golf courses and like the California weather, then San Jose is the perfect spot. It's a really cool town in the Monterrey Bay area where you can find old Spanish style homes as well as modern condo developments. The great thing for golfers is that you will be really close to Pebble Beach.

This golf course is considered one of the finest in the entire country. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and has an unparalleled landscape. The course runs up and down the coast and is like something out of a movie. It's a public course, though the rates are pricey, but if you are into luxury golfing, then San Jose is the place to be. It's a close drive to Pebble Beach, and the city also has some awesome trails for biking and jogging.

Naples, Florida

If you are not looking to buy a home near a super luxury golf course such as Pebble Beach, but prefer a more laid back golf atmosphere, then look into Naples, Florida. The best thing about Naples is that the weather is perfect year round for golfing. The area has often been called the "golf capital of the world" because of the sheer number of courses.

It's a town located on the Gulf coast, and there are also some really nice beaches to visit while you are on vacation. You should look into the condo developments that are situated along the waterfront.