It is normal for you to learn how to ride a bike as a kid and then it use throughout your childhood. But, only some people take it much further by getting an adult bicycle and then riding it regularly. You may have learned how to maintain a bike and become familiar with the laws of the road to be the safest bicyclist possible. In your living situation, you may ride your bike for work, school, errands, and more. But, if you are now ready to rent an apartment, one thing that you should prioritize is friendliness to bicycling.

Wide Bike Lanes or Dedicated Bikeways

If you would like to remain an active cyclist after moving into an apartment, you should look for areas that provide you with wide bike lanes, or even better, dedicated bikeways to ride on. Both of these offerings are excellent and will not only help you maintain fast ride times when going from place to place, but will also help you minimize the chance of getting into a collision with a car while on your bicycle.

Bike Shops in Walking Distance

Another feature that you should keep in mind when looking at apartments is proximity to a bike shop. Although you may be able to do most maintenance on your own, this may no longer be the case when you do not have a garage or open space to work with for sitting down with your bicycle for hours. Having a bike shop nearby allows you to take your bicycle in for maintenance or to even trade in for a new one.

A Bikeable Commute

It is helpful to consider the location of bike lanes and bikeways because in an ideal situation, you want them to go in the direction of where you going to shop, work, and spend most of your time. The most important part is related to work because this could end up being the deal breaker between needing to buy a vehicle, carpool with a coworker, or even find another job to avoid the need to drive. A bikeable commute is more than reasonable up to 10 miles each day, and sometimes even more. This usually depends on your fitness level as well as how much time you are willing to bike to get to and from work.

Apartment hunting can become a little complicating when you incorporate biking needs, but understanding that this is one of your top priorities will help you find an apartment that fits you. For more information, contact establishments like Kirkwood Village Apartments.