There should be careful consideration about hiring help before you decide to jump into the process of buying a home. Real estate agents are certified to help people buy a home; without a real estate agent, there can be many benefits that you don't end up taking advantage of. This is why you should know these three cons of buying a home without a real estate agent:

Paperwork Becomes Overwhelming: 

The process of buying a home includes a mountain of paperwork that you have to read through and sign. This is why many buyers make the mistake of not understanding the full scale of what they are investing in because they are so eager to sign the paperwork that they do not read through it. Your real estate agent will ensure that you are made aware of what you are signing without having to spend a whole lot of time reading through it all. Real estate agents are experts and know what paperwork needs to be signed and what important statements are made in them that you should know before signing. 

Home History is Not Disclosed: 

You might not know how to look into the history of a home, but if you are working with an agent, before you look at any home, you can discuss the home history with your real estate agent. If there are certain things to be wary about, then you can avoid wasting your time looking at the home if you are not interested. For example, if the home had a major flood, there can still be some existing damage that you won't want to deal with. This home history may make the overall cost of the home lower, though, so it's definitely important to decide whether or not this is something you are willing to possibly deal with in the future so that you can pay less for the home itself. You can even use the history information to negotiate on the home to make the cost even lower. 

Hidden Costs Can be Excessive: 

Before you fall in love with a home, your real estate agent will disclose to you all of the possible hidden costs that are going to come with the home. For example, with their knowledge of the different neighborhoods in the area, they will be able to tell you whether or not a home in a certain neighborhood will have excessively higher insurance costs because of certain damage risks, such as flooding. 

When you know these cons, you can see why hiring a real estate agent can definitely be beneficial for you in the end.