If you and your spouse have decided that it is the right time to start a family, it's important to start looking for the perfect house to call a home. In addition to searching for a house that is within your price range, it's important to also consider where the house is located and the type of neighborhood that it is situated in. You'll want to choose a neighborhood that is ideal for a child to grow up in.

The Safety of a Cul-de-Sac vs. the Convenience of Open Streets

Whether the home you're looking at is located within the safety of a cul-de-sac or in the midst of a busy open street can make a world of a difference in regards to the type of neighborhood that your child will be growing up in. While a home situated on an open street is easy to access and brings around a lot of traffic for more diversity, homes situated within cul-de-sacs also offer many advantages and are often thought to be more appropriate for families with young children.

Homes situated within cul-de-sacs see little traffic, as there is no reason for most cars to drive into the cul-de-sac. The reduced traffic generally makes it a lot safer for young children to play outside. They basically have the road to themselves and can even partake in activities like street hockey without having to worry about vehicles on the street. In addition, since cul-de-sacs limit the amount of traffic within the residential area, cul-de-sacs have a tendency to promote neighborly interactions. There's a good chance that your family will get to know everyone who lives on their street.

The Age of the Neighborhood

Knowing the age of the neighborhood can also be important. You should get a good idea of how old the homes are and the type of families that live within the area. If you are just starting a family, it's generally better to find a home for sale in a newer neighborhood, as there's a higher chance that your neighbors will also be just starting their families as well. This means that there will be a greater chance that the kids in the neighborhood will be the same age as your child. This way, your child will have more opportunities to interact socially with others.

In more established neighborhoods, your neighbors will likely already have started their family a long time ago. As a result, their children are probably already grown. There's a smaller chance that the kids in the neighborhood will be the same age as your child.

The Proximity of the House to Schools

As your child grows up, the only place that they'll need to go to all the time is to school. For the sake of convenience, choose a house that is located close to the schools that you'll be sending your child to. Ideally, you'll want to choose a house that is at most only several blocks away, so that your child can walk to and from school every day. They'll get some exercise every day, and also get to know other kids that walk to school as well. It'll also make your life a lot easier, as you won't have to worry about having to take your child to school every day.

Keep in mind that the areas around the schools can get rather noisy, as they tend to see a lot more traffic. When looking for the ideal house for sale, visit the houses during the morning when school starts or right when school ends. You'll get a good idea of which areas are noisiest and whether the amount of traffic will be tolerable.


If you're looking to start a family, the requirements that you have for the perfect house will be different than if you're looking for a retirement home or if you're looking for a bachelor pad. You should focus on finding a neighborhood that can offer a good social environment for your child as they grow up.