A large part of your company's success depends on providing a safe and enjoyable place for employees to work on a day-to-day basis. When both happiness and safety is a focus, you can expect optimal employee retention and production, and you're sure to enjoy a quality company reputation that helps set you apart from the competition. In addition to implementing various office policies and procedures that are designed to meet employee needs, it's a good idea to optimize your overall support system by putting the following services on your office phone's speed dial:

A Commercial Locksmith

It's important to keep a fully licensed and insured commercial locksmith on speed dial. If your employees get locked out of the office for any reason, your business may lose money until access to your office is properly restored. Employees being locked in due to dysfunctional locking mechanisms can become a fire hazard or create distress among employees until the locks are fixed again. A quick call to your emergency commercial locksmith should get your lock problems fixed within the hour. Your locksmith should also be able to handle problems with safe combinations, filing cabinet locks, and security locks that are incorporated into your surveillance system. For more info about locksmith services, contact a company like Suburban Lock.

A Towing Company

If vehicles are blocking your office's parking lot or are unlawfully parked within the lot, it's vital to have them towed away as soon as possible to prevent accidents among employees as they come and go. Improperly parked vehicles can also slow down traffic and make employees late for their shifts, as well as create safety issues for employees as they walk through your parking lot or spend time on the lawn during their breaks. You may be able to find a towing company to put on your speed dial that will offer you a discount on their services if you're willing to use them exclusively.

A Local Health Clinic

While calling 911 is the best way to get medical help in an emergency, not all situations require an ambulance for support. Put a local health clinic on your speed dial to get instant support for things like sudden asthma or allergy symptoms, small burns and cuts, and other non-emergency health issues that may arise among your employees from time to time. This will enable you to get help for your employees quickly without having to cause a spectacle in the office or slow down production among those who aren't in need of medical assistance. Phone advice may be all an employee needs to get the help and guidance they need so they can get back to work quickly.

A Construction Contractor

With so many structural things within your office to keep in optimal working condition for the safety of your workforce, it's a good idea to put a construction contractor on your office phone's speed dial along with the other service providers mentioned here. Your contractor should be able to handle everything from plumbing and electrical problems, to crumbling drywall and faulty ceiling panels within hours of making a call to them. If these problems aren't quickly taken care of, it can impact employee production, have negative health impacts on the office crew, and increase danger within the workplace overall.

When choosing a contractor to work with, keep in mind that they likely work with several different professionals to provide their services. So make sure that your contractor can provide you with a list of service providers that they work with, as well as copies of insurance and licenses for them all.

These services likely won't be needed often, but if they're already set up on speed dial, your staff won't waste any time contacting the support systems they need on the fly.